23K Golden Spoon® Facial


Two pairs of 23K cold and warm gold spoon, with a comfortable massage and moisturizing, and activating the skin instantly. It also increases flexibility, ruddy, transparent and firming skin. It is suitable for poor circulation face skin or pressure-type skin.

Activate skin and strong skin cells. This treatment supplies nutrients and removestuffed in the cells, and increase skin elasticity.

Suitable for: poor circulation, drying and peeling skin, dull skin, dark complexion, pressure-type skin.

Recommended: Age30+, improves skin tone and circulation


  • Skin Conditioning
  • Use 2 pairs of special 23K pure gold spoons
  • The heating & cooling effect helps cell regeneration and improves circulation
  • Unique light body massage to promote chi flow

Featuring Product: Love and Hope Detox Pure Essential Oil Blend

Products specifications
Treatment Time 90 mins
Available Store Arcadia (626) 254-9588
Note Due to store locations and facilities, please check specific store for pricing.
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