Orient Retreat Los Angeles

Founded in 1988, in Toronto, Canada, Orient Retreat specializes in various fields in the spa industry such as spa business development, education, and consulting. Our global exposure has outreached to U.S.A, Canada, Taiwan, and China. Our global structure and strong branding enables us to be at the top of the industry in management, product and service R&D, employee training, and Marketing. We are devoted in promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle by implementing the eastern wellness philosophy into the most up to date spa innovations. “Sharing love through spa”is our core value in employee training and business conduct, and also a social responsibility as a world citizen.

With 4,000sq.ft of space, Orient Retreat Los Angeles provides a trendy and luxurious spa space for local A-listers and hardcore spa goers. With the most advanced spa equipments and highly trained therapist, you will find no other places that provide similar enjoyment like here. Facilities includes VIP treatment rooms Sauna, steam, snack bar, and relaxing lounge.