Age Defying Facial


The latest concept in spa industry in 2019 - “Pure Hand Face Lifting Massage”, with Pilates techniques to stabilize muscles, reshape aged skeletal and muscle positions that caused by gravity.

Through aromatherapist’s pure “Hand Lifting” technique, we customize and reshape bones and soft tissues based on different face shape. “Deep facial muscle massage” is used to improve the degraded facial expression muscle, increase the elasticity and tighten contours. “Head lifting” is to strengthen the fascia of the head, face lifting and refine jawline, also enhance face structured.

From top quality rose origins Bulgaria, Age Defying Damask Rose Series skin care products are used throughout the treatments. Damask Rose, hand-picked by farmers in every morning, help to anti-aging and moisturizing, and rejuvenation for the skin.

Age Defying Facial massage treatment from head, face, all the way to neck, chest and hand, just like a rose bloom, awake the skin vitality. Orient Retreat Spa helps you retains the natural and elegant maturity after the treatment and find your original young looking.

Products specifications
Treatment Time 90 mins
Available Store Arcadia (626) 254-9588
Note Due to store locations and facilities, please check specific store for pricing.
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