Crystal Revive Massage / Legs

Orient Retreat Spa Arcadia $168

Grand Orient Retreat Spa Irvine $180

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Three major features for Inner Youth, Crystal Revive Massage.

【Open the lock of youth】: Through native Australian flower essences, mineral gems, organic essential oils and plant extracts. This treatment nourishes the body youthful energy and reaches the fountain of youth.

【Guidance through 5 different kinds of crystal】: The loose tendon theory from the record of The Emperor’s Inner Canon use amethyst, green agate, white onyx, obsidian, and rose quartz to unlock stagnant energy and healing energy.

【Exclusive root sacral massage】: The newly developed self-healing massage helps balancing central body nerve system and activates body function. And it also helps joint rotation and opens your body energy channels. That all help rejuvenate your body cell and full of vitality.

Treatment Time: 45 Mins.

Recommended: 35+, to restore inner youth


  • Color crystals are used at different area to bring positive healing energy
  • Abdominal massage to rejuvenate inner youth and enhance female essence
  • Awakening the deepest body energy and unlocks youth mechanisms
  • Incorporate meridian massage techniques

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Products specifications
Treatment Time 45 mins
Available Store Arcadia (626) 254-9588
Note This is add-on treatment only and must combine with other treatment.
Note Due to store locations and facilities, please check specific store for pricing.
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