Energy Awakening Customized Massage

Deep relaxation, nourishes youthful energy. Customized repairing massage, repairing personal aging attack spot. Muscle energy massage, relieve the muscle trigger point.
Call for detail

Three significant characteristics.

  • 60 minutes’ pure hand technique massage, ultra-comfort and deep relaxation.
  • Initiate customized massage in spa, free to choose the body parts need to reinforce rejuvenation.
  • Top notch body essence,  supply youthful body energy.

Effect: Utilize the top notch body essence and crystal DNA tuning fork, aiming for the individual needs for body maintenance, releasing physical and emotional stress and supply body energy. Through the release of muscle trigger point, to relieve emotional stress from tight and stiff muscles. Furthermore, it nourishes skin cell and boost your happy hormones, keeps the body full of vitality, and stay young and attractive.

Products specifications
Treatment Time 60 mins
Available Store Arcadia store, please call (626) 254-9588 for appointment
Available Store Irvine store, please call (949) 377-1868 for appointment
Note Due to store locations and facilities, please check specific store for pricing.