Facial Care

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Best for anti-aging, all natural skin care products to replace of micro needling.


A light day time moisturizer with an extra load of organic aloe for a great hydrating effect, while organic olive and jojoba oil helps maintain the skin’s tone and softness.


A powerful, ultra nourishing facial treatment that is loaded with elasticity and firmness to the skin, while refines the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Orient Retreat OR series skin care products are made with 100% natural ingredients and high quality spa treatment grade formula from exclusive manufacturer in USA or Canada with high standards. Every product is used for thousands times of treatment in Orient Retreat Spa worldwide. It is the best choice for personal home spa experiences.


Rejuvenate your skin vitality. Oxygen is the key to activate the skin vitality, healthy cell, and anti-aging. Studies have shown that 30-year-old skin oxygen content reduced by 25%, 40-year-old reduced by 50%. The oxygen content will be less and less while aging,  but more damaged cells need to be repaired. Therefore, supplying oxygen to the skin cells is very important.

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