Fitness Massage


Four significant characteristics for “Fitness Massage”

  1. Enhance basic metabolism: Combining with massage oil, this body massage treatment adds pressure on muscle tissue and allows your body to be stretched. And also help your body with depth promote and smooth circulation.
  2. Helping muscles movement: This massage treatment trains your skeletal muscle, strengthen muscle, release joint stress, and tighten physique and body lines.
  3. Enhanced body energy: This massage treatment helps your body deep heat effect with far infrared from radium ore. It also increases the chemistry with oxygen, and also increase your abdomen’s temperature. And finally, it improves your blood circulation.
  4. Create your slim body: By training your muscle tissue strength, it will consume more fat and also enhance the basal metabolic rate.

Recommended: MuscleBody Type, Lack of Exercise, post workout relaxation, Low metabolism


  • Full body massage, moderate to strong pressure
  • A combination of sport and deep massage to promote muscle strength, to achieve similar effect of exercising or yoga
  • Using radium stones and infrared therapy to increase body metabolism

Featuring Product:

Products specifications
Treatment Time 75 mins
Available Store Arcadia (626) 254-9588
Note Due to store locations and facilities, please check specific store for pricing.
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