Love and Hope Good Night Sleep Blended Healing Oil



  • Formula: Cedar, Bergamot, Rosewood Essential oil
  • Efficacy: Soothes stress, soothes mind and body and improve sleep quality.


  • Sniffing: About two drops on the palm, rub evenly and take three deep breaths.
  • Application: Apply to the body side liver area or leg side hepatobiliary area.
  • Massage: Apply to the top of the head (Baihui acupoint), and then use mineral porcelain tool to gently comb the scalp to relieve stress.
  • Shiatsu: Apply certain amount of healing oil below nose (in humans), upper abdomen (Dovetail Point) and the abdomen (Guanyuan Point). Incorporate with breathing, and massage gently with fingertips.

Alos use with:

  • Use Soothing Essence and Good Night Sleep Healing Oil before bed.
Products specifications
Item Capacity 10ml
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