Magic Slim Treatment / Firm and Fabulous Waist and Abs


Orient Retreat new release treatment【Magic Slim Treatment】, including【Sexy Hip and Back】, 【Firm and Fabulous Waist and Abs】, 【Skinny Fit Legs】. It will help you to improve your body curve, eliminate extra fat and edema, and get your fit and slim body back!

Three major features from【Magic Slim Treatment】:
Removing swelling with frequently vacuum: It will improve lymphatic detoxing and Remove edema and cellulite.
Release fat with Optical frequency energy: It will soften solid fat and help metabolism.
Shape body with Multi frequency: It will dissolve heavy fat and grow collagen.

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Products specifications
Treatment Time 45 mins
Available Store Arcadia (626) 254-9588
Note This is add-on treatment only and must combine with other treatment.
Note Due to store locations and facilities, please check specific store for pricing.
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