Orient Retreat All in One Eye Therapy

Advanced Firming Eye Cream: Starting eye-lifting massage, tightens the skin, and improves skin elasticity.

Renewal Eye Massager: Starting eye relaxation massage and renew eye microcirculation.

Miracle Reviving Eye Mask: Starting eye complex nourish and nutrition skin cell.

Orient Retreat All In One Eye Therapy
Exclusive anti-aging treatment creates perfect charming eye again. Control three major aging factors to improve the eye skin for a younger look.

All in One Eye Therapy Bundle Products *
  • Orient Retreat OR Miracle Reviving Eye Mask (10 masks) [+$92.00]
  • Orient Retreat OR Advanced Firming Eye Cream [+$75.00]
  • Orient Retreat OR Renewal Eye Massager [+$60.00]

Original price: $227.00
Renewal Eye Massager
Applying nutrition with innovation technology to repair eye skin instantly. With micro-frequency vibration and electric, it eliminates eye fatigue and regenerate new skin energy.

Miracle Reviving Eye Mask
With exclusive Hydrogel all natural botanical ingredients to create ultra hydrating effect and apply it onto eye area firmly, allow skin to absorb nutrition for a long time.

Advanced Firming Eye Cream
Exclusive three lifting ingredients tighten loose skin. And it can be used with exclusive Home Spa skill to build the eye muscle and rejuvenate skin elasticity.

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