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23K Golden Spoon® Facial

Your face will be delicately massaged w/ a pair of 23k electric charged spoon w/ cold & warm temperatures. The heating & cooling effect of the spoon helps cell regeneration & increase the elasticity of skin.
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72 hours Micro Peel

A deep penetrating, non-abrasive facial that thoroughly cleanse & exfoliate the deep pores of your skin for a smooth, brighter look.

Acqua Facial®

One of the most popular treatments at orient retreat. This is a deep hydrating facial treatment using a highly potent & absorbable collagen mask in combination w/ the aqua facial machine to make your skin hydrated & younger looking.
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Aromatherapy Facial

Help restore firmness of your skin. The natural scent of organic essential oil & a soothing facial massage will enhance your skin's lymphatic circulation & it's immunity against free-radical damage.
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Face Reborn

An‎ advanced facial treatment using orient retreat exclusively developed germanium stimulation facial machine. This treatment enhances the natural growth of collagen & skin cell, increase the elasticity of your skin to create a perfect contour & complexion.
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Face Reshape

Stimulate the regeneration of collagen, reduce fine lines, restore natural complexion and enhance facial features and contour.
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