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Deluxe Bust Care

This treatment enhances the lymphatic cirmulation & helps increase the firmness of the bust area & prevent sagging due to aging & hormonal change.
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Face Reborn

An‎ advanced facial treatment using orient retreat exclusively developed germanium stimulation facial machine. This treatment enhances the natural growth of collagen & skin cell, increase the elasticity of your skin to create a perfect contour & complexion.
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Orient Retreat OR Advanced Firming Eye Cream

Exclusive three lifting ingredients tighten loose skin. And it can be used with exclusive Home Spa skill to build the eye muscle and rejuvenate skin elasticity.

Orient Retreat OR Renewal Eye Massager

Applying nutrition with innovation technology to repair eye skin instantly. With micro-frequency vibration and electric, it eliminates eye fatigue and regenerate new skin energy.

Orient Retreat OR Young Collagen Serum

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body (about 1/3). Collagen is a strong fibrous protein, acts like reinforced concrete, provides mechanical strength of the cells. If your body lacks of collagen, it causes skin wrinkle and loosed muscles. It is known there are more than 20 types of collagen composed by different polypeptide composition. Each tissue has its own collagen type, wherein the skin is mainly composed of collagen type I and III. It is the presence of the dermis, and provides skin elasticity. The study found women start to loss collagen gradually at the age of 20, and begins to loss collagen a lot at the age of 25.

Radio Frequency Lifting Facial

Orient Retreat new released "Radio Frequency Lifting Facial". The radio frequency and thermal conduction can rapidly produce collagen and uplifting your skin. Radio Frequency Lifting Facial treatment can also make the skin younger, firmer, reduce wrinkles, improving elasticity and glowing skin. This treatment performing unique lymphatic massage skill to promote facial circulation, remove excess moisture and puffy eyes. With exclusive Lifting / Firming formula, this treatment can achieve the effect of lifting and firming skin and include neck care for reaching the V-shaped face line.
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