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Best for anti-aging, all natural skin care products to replace of micro needling.


Rejuvenate your skin vitality. Oxygen is the key to activate the skin vitality, healthy cell, and anti-aging. Studies have shown that 30-year-old skin oxygen content reduced by 25%, 40-year-old reduced by 50%. The oxygen content will be less and less while aging,  but more damaged cells need to be repaired. Therefore, supplying oxygen to the skin cells is very important.


Whiten your skin naturally It is a series of processes when your skin become darker. Melanin production in cells is a complex cycle. It is more effective to block the three major periods of melanin production to whiten the skin cells. It is more important to do multi layers of protection for not only control melanin production but also whiten skin.


Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body (about 1/3). Collagen is a strong fibrous protein, acts like reinforced concrete, provides mechanical strength of the cells. If your body lacks of collagen, it causes skin wrinkle and loosed muscles. It is known there are more than 20 types of collagen composed by different polypeptide composition. Each tissue has its own collagen type, wherein the skin is mainly composed of collagen type I and III. It is the presence of the dermis, and provides skin elasticity. The study found women start to loss collagen gradually at the age of 20, and begins to loss collagen a lot at the age of 25.

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