Skin Firming

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Face Reshape

Stimulate the regeneration of collagen, reduce fine lines, restore natural complexion and enhance facial features and contour.
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Quartz Eye Revitalizer®

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Acqua Facial®

One of the most popular treatments at orient retreat. This is a deep hydrating facial treatment using a highly potent & absorbable collagen mask in combination w/ the aqua facial machine to make your skin hydrated & younger looking.
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Age Defying Facial

90 minutes pure hand technique massage, doing Pilates on face, tighten deep layer of the skin. Customized skill to lift up face line and enhance face structured. Use Age Defying Damask Rose Series skin care products to infuse skin energy and rejuvenation.
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Face Reborn

An‎ advanced facial treatment using orient retreat exclusively developed germanium stimulation facial machine. This treatment enhances the natural growth of collagen & skin cell, increase the elasticity of your skin to create a perfect contour & complexion.
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Radio Frequency Lifting Facial

Orient Retreat new released "Radio Frequency Lifting Facial". The radio frequency and thermal conduction can rapidly produce collagen and uplifting your skin. Radio Frequency Lifting Facial treatment can also make the skin younger, firmer, reduce wrinkles, improving elasticity and glowing skin. This treatment performing unique lymphatic massage skill to promote facial circulation, remove excess moisture and puffy eyes. With exclusive Lifting / Firming formula, this treatment can achieve the effect of lifting and firming skin and include neck care for reaching the V-shaped face line.
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